KKurau 05

Recently i am having simple yet busy life.
Every weekend i cant let myself doing nothing in my room, its been too long i dont pick up my book and read.
Not even comics. Not even movies.

I just keep on pushing myself move out from the house.

Coming week will have last confined water training and after that I shall pack up and heading towards Pulau Tioman.
Not as what i have imagine, i dont buy any diving camera, not even marine pack for my sony.
For my fream car, just hold my breath and refused all temptation from panasonic, olympus, canon..

There will be another fresh new world for me to explore.
I hope i can find something i love there. Like blue sky. Like sea breeze.

Life is liek a box of chocolate. Your mum damn right, Forest.



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  • ZOMOK这样多spelling error。。。
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  • So you start going out with forest's mum???
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  • So you start going out with forest's mum??? --- Since when you change taste?....