Guess what? Yup i am going to write in in english, well dont ask me why, I just feel like wanna do so.

So i have to admid that I have over expectation with my 300mm kit lens, it such a game, 300mm is just nothing and this had also wiped out my plan to get a tele-convertor in short future. I have already got my eye on one of this stuff from a website. I think thats also the main reason why not many part time photographer walking around.


Nothing much to share for the boat or the game, however, some eye candy still hunted for you guys. Enjoy~~



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  • OSK
  • Where are those girls in bikini photos? Don't just keep for yourself!
  • Damn you should better than me and you should snap more than what i can do, my GF beside me by that time...
    Lets just pray tomorrow if i have tiem to re-visit and i believe things will be totally different..

    yasiong 於 2008/08/01 22:16 回覆